PondHawk® by LINNE Industries

Company Spotlight

Keeping ponds clean and odor-free is necessary for your golf course’s success. When your ponds get smelly and stagnant, they can breed mosquitoes... and golfer complaints. The most effective—and cost-effective—way to keep ponds clean and healthy is PondHawk by LINNE Industries. This unique, solar-powered subsurface aeration system uses the power of the sun to circulate the water, move oxygen through the water column, and eliminate temperature stratification. This boosts dissolved oxygen levels, which are necessary to support aquatic life.  

By using subsurface aeration, PondHawk improves water quality, reduces odors, and encourages decomposition of organic matter with aerobic bacteria, creating a sustainable ecology for pond life. PondHawk works without chemicals or electricity—so its operating costs are minimal. It’s quiet, tamper-resistant, and environmentally friendly, too.    

Install PondHawk, and watch your pond transform.  
Learn more: www.pondhawk.com