Pumps, Motors & Controls, Inc.

Company Description

Are you tired of big pump station and service companies who don’t call you back? When you’re spending big bucks on pump stations and service, you deserve the best service around. That’s what Pumps, Motors, & Controls specializes in.

If you need a new pump station, we build them right here in Houston, Texas using the best parts available and over 125 years of combined experience keeping your pumps clean and your grass green.

When you call us, you don’t get kicked around by multiple departments. You get one of our best experts – or a quick call back from one.

Imagine being treated like you’re a priority, and you can get the gist of how Pumps, Motors & Controls has treated our customers for over 40 years. Our company evolved from the world-renowned Carroll Childers Company, which literally invented the modern pump station as we know it.

In Texas, you might say we came from good stock. We prefer to say that the heritage of our company gives us an edge in helping our customers. That heritage continues today, as Dale Bowman and his team grew into one of the nation’s leading pump station manufacturers and service teams. Our Houston facility is UL listed, and cares for all pump station needs.

We not only fabricate complete pumping stations – we upgrade existing pumping stations, and service other pump station manufacturers’ products. Our factory-trained technicians can perform on-site routine pump station repairs, and our service vehicles are stocked with all the proper tools and equipment for anything you throw at us, including emergency breakdowns, spring start-ups, winterizations and yearly preventive maintenance contracts.

Call us today for the best service in the pump station business!


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