Markers, Inc.

Company Description

Back in 1987, Markers introduced the first OBH markers using HDPE plastic material
with unique installation methods. The system we call Holes-and-Poles allowed for faster
installation/replacements-while eliminating need for the repainting of wooden stakes.
Since that time and guided by the principles of innovation and modularity, Markers soon
developed other products for Golf using polymer materials. They included; Rope and Chain posts, Fence posts, Yardage markers, Range marking systems, and a host of other products.
Enhanced plastic materials like ABS, PVC, and Polycarbonate were also implemented to improve quality, extend service life, and provide superior aesthetics.

To diversify offerings to the Golf market, we also developed the soft-sleeved Pin flag, an alternative to grommeted flags and more costly tube style flags.  This option soon
expanded to include not only 24/7 Pin Flags but also Range Flags. We also developed
a line of Event/Sponsor flags, with economical, personalization, for fundraisers and charitable events. Later, this evolved to a line of “Gifts for the Golfer," customized flags and sticks for backyard use. Another Markers concept was VERSALINE, a new, changeable signage method that enabled golf Course Superintendents to economically change messages without replacing signs. This method allows for producing signs in multiple colors vs. the ho-hum Green and White or Black and Yellow signs.

Markers also established the 1st line of Athletic Field marking systems to permanently identify line intersections and other critical points for Soccer, Football, Baseball, and dozens of other Athletic fields. These labor-saving systems were termed MarkSmart” as they reduced field marking/painting to a” connect-the-dots procedure." This eliminated the need to periodically re-measure fields thereby…Reducing labor costs by 2/3rds.

Another extension of the “holes and poles” concept was a Lawn and Garden product line, which Includes Bird Feeder Poles, plant protection products, Driveway markers, and now… a line of American flags, which is creating fundraising opportunities for schools and community service organizations like Kiwanis, Rotary, and others.

The spirit of innovation continues at Markers Inc. Almost daily, we are approached with
challenges to design/produce products using our modular components, to solve problems
across broad markets…everywhere.


Course Supplies

  • Ball / Club Washers
  • Benches
  • Cups
  • Greens Repair
  • Hole Cutters
  • Range Equipment / Accessories
  • Trash Containers

Fencing & Netting

  • Fencing & Netting

Flags / Flag Sticks

  • Flags / Flag Sticks

Signage & Markers

  • Signage & Markers