Spectrum Technologies, Inc.

Company Description

Spectrum Technologies is the partner you can count on for affordable Plant & Environmental Measurement Technology. We manufacture and distribute leading-edge measurement information technology to the golf, turf, and agricultural markets around the world. Founded in 1987 by Mike Thurow, we proudly support tens of thousands of customers globally from our headquarters in Aurora, IL.

Our Mission is turning plant Measurements into Information for profitable DecisionsOur Vision is to develop and market the most advanced plant measurement technology.  Our Goal is to be a valued partner of our customers’ research or production team. Our Technology is focused on four primary product groups:

Weather & Environmental Monitoring

  • WatchDog Weather Stations, Wireless Networks, Sensors & Data Loggers
  • SpecConnect Advanced Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring & Management Solution
  • LightScout Solar Radiation, Light Quality & DLI Meters
  • SpecWare Data Management, Reporting & Analysis Software

Soil Moisture & Quality Measurement

  • FieldScout Soil Compaction, TruFirm Surface Firmness & TDR Soil Moisture Meters
  • WaterScout Soil Moisture, Temperature & EC Sensors
  • WatchDog Data Loggers & Irrigation Stations

Nutrient Management Tools

  • FieldScout Chlorophyll, Turf Color, pH & EC Meters
  • LAQUA Twin pH, EC, NO3-, K+, Ca2+ & Na+ Meters
  • SPAD 502 Plus Chlorophyll Meter

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Tools

  • WatchDog Retriever & Pups Wireless Networks for Site-Specific Measurement
  • SpecConnect & SpecWare Plant & Turf Disease & Insect Models
  • WatchDog WeatherTrackers & Degree-Day Recorders
  • IPM Scopes, Scope CAM2 & Macroscopes

Spectrum Technologies understands the increasing demand for higher quality playing and aesthetic conditions, as well as the difficulties of balancing the need to conserve resources and protect our environment.  Managing to that level of precision is a significant endeavor that continues to grow the need for measurement and monitoring technology, and drives our desire to develop more measurement information technology.


Weather Monitoring Equipment

  • Weather Stations
  • Weather Monitoring Equipment

Irrigation & Related Equipment

  • Irrigation & Related Equipment