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Thor Guard has been manufacturing exceptional lightning prediction and warning systems for more than 46 years. No company in the site-specific weather warning market has been operating and developing advanced technology for this many years. Thor Guard is honored to have a twenty-plus year relationship with the United States Golf Association, the Tournament Players Clubs, Marriott Golf, and the National Law Enforcement Training facilities. Our lightning prediction technology provides warning for all types of lighting within ranges suitable for every industry. Thor Guard also provides truly safe all-clear notifications faster than the competition. All of Thor Guard's notifications are based solely on local atmospheric data, not on some feel-good time-base guess that conditions are safe, either before or after a storm. Unlike any lightning warning technology reliant on a network of lightning detection systems, Thor Guard is at your facility providing notifications that are instantaneous and extraordinarily accurate. Accessing some generally available lightning detection network, either via the internet or cellular technology, is a far cry from the technology Thor Guard develops and employs. All Thor Guard systems, including the TG 360 operate if the internet is down.

After more than five years of development and real-life testing, Thor Guard is proud to announce that more than 350 TG 360 systems have been installed and in operation. With an atmospheric electrostatic sampling rate of more than 170,000 samples per second, the new prediction technology incorporated in the ground-breaking system also provides the customer with every conceivable and useful weather-related warning. Thor Guard has accessed more than one million hours of lightning and storm-related data to provide our customers a lightning prediction and warning system setting a new benchmark in dangerous weather warning technology. The 360 will continue to offer Thor Guard's unique lightning prediction algorithms, along with two levels of heat index warnings, lightning detection (distance and direction) based solely on the Thor Guard technology, instant weather data including real-time ET rates, the GENS emergency notification system, accurate and proven site-specific warnings for severe storms and a ground-breaking beta version or Thor Guard's tornado prediction system. recently the TG 360 predicted its first tornado in Minnesota. Our engineers have further enhanced the 260's ability to be fine-tuned to each customer's requirements for warning times.

Another feature which will be truly appreciated by many of our customers is a separate data-based adjustment for an all-clear notification, separately configured from any front-end sensitivity settings. As if these developments weren't impressive enough, we also included new technology into our Voice of Thor horn and strobe systems. These developments have provided Thor Guard the unique opportunity to also include strobe and horn activations for two heat index levels or lightning caution and warning levels. This high level of technology comes standard with a three-year warranty, for the TG 360, which includes lightning damage!

Thor Guard provides customers with accurate and timely lightning data through Thor Alert (ap). Accessed through a simple URL, current customers, members and employees who are provided the URL by the facility, can see live lightning prediction data, local weather data, radar, and forecasts on their various devices. The Thor TV version created for the TG 360 includes important weather data, lightning prediction data, radar, and lightning detection (distance and direction), and two levels of the dangerous heat index levels. Thormobile displays expanded lightning prediction and detection data. This level of information is clearly displayed in an uncluttered format anyone an easily read. Thor Guard will add additional features in the future as we receive feedback from customers in every industry we support. Many of the rain and ET rate information has been enhanced because of direct input from superintendents currently using the TG 360. We are happy and proud to have their input and help in the refinement of our efforts.


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