Humate International, Inc.

Company Description

HUMATE International is the only source for this unique, high-energy HUMATE organic material, microbial inoculants, and support materials for your golf course.  Please contact us to discuss your comments and questions regarding our effective and efficient programs to build and maintain your course.

Some important characteristics and capabilities of these programs:

  • High CEC organic HUMATE for nutrient retention and availability
  • Balanced microbial inoculants with diverse capabilities
  • Microorganisms to aggregate the soil for moisture and air movement
  • Products with the materials to support an active microbial population
  • Plant-based fertilizers for efficient and effective plant nutrition
  • Biochar structure to protect mycorrhizae and buffer soil moisture
  • Products and programs that will fit in your maintenance budget

The bottom line: “Feed the soil” and grow healthy pathogen-resistant plants efficiently and effectively with minimal nutrient inputs and little or no fungicides.



  • Biological Products


  • Fertilizer

Pond / Lake Management Products

  • Pond / Lake Management Products

Soil Conditioners & Amendments

  • Soil Conditioners & Amendments

Wetting Agents

  • Wetting Agents