PondHawk® by LINNE Industries

Company Spotlight

Transform your golf course ponds into pristine havens with  PondHawk® by LINNE Industries! Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and stagnant water that attract mosquitoes and lead to golfer complaints. This solar-powered subsurface aeration system harnesses the sun's energy to circulate water, infuse oxygen, and eliminate temperature imbalances.

PondHawk isn't just effective; it's also incredibly cost-effective. No more worries about chemicals or electricity—this eco-friendly solution operates quietly and with minimal maintenance costs. Experience improved water quality, reduced odors, and a thriving ecology for pond life as PondHawk encourages the decomposition of organic matter using aerobic bacteria.

Ready for a pond makeover? Install PondHawk and witness the remarkable transformation. Visit www.pondhawk.com to learn more and elevate your golf course to a whole new level of excellence! To hear from superintendents using the PondHawk system, click here.