Stress Rx® from Ocean Organics

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#1 Stress Management Products, Industry Leading Surfactants and Fertilizers

For the Broadest Range of Stresses -- Stress Rx® and XP® Extra Protection from Ocean Organics will significantly increase your turf’s stress tolerance, survival and recuperative ability.

University research (Rutgers, Virginia Tech) on Stress Rx and XP showed statistically improved turf quality under drought, salt, heat, and UV stresses.

Five years of data show our products are first in:

  • Improved quality, relative water content, roots, and recovery
  • Less membrane leakage and leaf firing

Along with seaweed extract, Stress Rx and XP both contain the most diverse and complete combination of bioactive compounds available in single foliar-applied products, including:

  • Unique osmoprotectants
  • Powerful pigments like xanthophyll that stabilize photosynthetic membranes to enhance stress tolerance, osmotic balance, and micronutrient chelation. Stress Rx also contains Ocean Organics unique PRO-AMINO® Technology: 18 of 20 proteinogenic amino acids from 3 plant-derived sources.

Stress management is a proactive process. But even if your turf is already under stress, Stress Rx and XP can help.

Turf Surfactants with a Difference

Ocean Organics Surfactants optimize both nutrient and water use efficiency to control moisture and nutrient delivery. Each formulation contains a surfactant, an infiltration agent, and a biostimulant to help boost plant fitness.

Top Performing Natural-Based Granular Fertilizers—SeaBlend®

The SeaBlend Family of premium, natural and organic-based granular fertilizers deliver outstanding color, density and quality; stimulates microbial activity and builds soil. Each formulation provides complete, balanced and diversified nutrition.

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