Spidermower USA

Company Spotlight

In early 2007, Spider Mower USA introduced the world's first-ever remote-controlled slope mower, revolutionizing the landscaping industry with unprecedented technology for maintaining challenging terrain — think heavy brush, ultra-steep slopes, standing water and more. Our mission was to directly address the needs of landscaping professionals by enhancing their efficiency, safety and productivity while mowing in these less-than-optimal conditions. The launch of our flagship model, the SPIDER ILD01, marked the beginning of a new era in landscaping, addressing these critical issues and setting a new industry standard.

Now, with seven innovative slope mowers on the market (including one electric model), we're pioneering the transition toward autonomous technology. We look forward to continuing to innovate the industry further with groundbreaking mowers that transform the maintenance of challenging terrain into a task that's easier, safer and less time-consuming for landscapers everywhere.