Thrasher Golf

Company Description
Thrasher Golf® is a driving range equipment manufacturer and supplier. Thrasher Golf® specializes only in Driving Range Equipment and is known for products with high standards of quality, durability, and longevity. We have been raising the bar with innovative Range Equipment for the last 40 years. Thrasher Golf® is the original home of the "No Front Wheel" Picker, known as the Innovator® Picker; and the open-spiral of the Twister® Golf Ball Washer. We are family-owned & operated and proud to produce our products in the USA with American-made materials. 

Course Supplies

  • Ball / Club Washers
  • Range Equipment / Accessories

Driving Range Access. / Equip. / Enclosures / Simulators

  • Driving Range Access. / Equip. / Enclosures / Simulators

Fencing & Netting

  • Fencing & Netting


  • Golf Balls / Golf Equipment
  • Golf Course Accessories

Golf Course / Country Club

  • Golf Course / Country Club

Synthetic / Artificial Turf

  • Synthetic / Artificial Turf