Arcosa Specialty Materials

Company Description

Arcosa Specialty Materials is the nation’s leader in the production of pelletized nutrients used by the top golf courses in the nation.

Sucra-Min® - The Sucra-Min® family of products are produced using a special manufacturing process. They are created by incorporating finely ground oxides with specific reducing sugars in a proprietary formulation, in the presence of heat and moisture. This process forms an organic complex with the oxides and causes the sugars to hydrolyze and form a carboxylate, or what is more commonly referred to as a sucrate. Available products include Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, and Zinc.

Cal-CM+ Plus - Available as both Calcium Sulfate (gypsum dihydrate/anyhidrite) or Calcium Carbonate (limestone) is designed to work fast, last longer in the root zone, and provide faster nutrient uptake. The Cal-CM+ Plus Calcium Sulfate is primarily used to loosen compacted and heavy clay soils and to amend and reclaim soils with high sodium content.


Biological Products

  • Bio Micro Nutrients


  • Stress Management Products


  • Fertilizer

Soil Conditioners & Amendments

  • Soil Conditioners & Amendments

Turf / Landscape Supplies

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