Sur-Line Turf Inc.

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    Northport, AL 35475
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Company Description

Sur-Line Turf, Inc. is a customer-oriented company, established in 1991, by Skip Lambert to provide cost-effective, high quality, sound agronomic products and services to the sports turf industry.  Utilizing highly specialized equipment operated by skilled employees has made Sur-Line Turf one of the most cost-effective golf course and athletic field renovation and construction companies in the country.  Our goal is to produce the highest quality products for our knowledgeable customers that will provide many years of service.

Sur-Line Turf specializes in all types of athletic field construction and renovation, including:  Laser grading sub-grades; installation of under drainage systems; installation of irrigation systems; laser placing soil mixes, infield mixes, infield conditioners and warning track materials; laser grading finish grades; planting sod and sprigs; and providing grow-in programs and agronomic consultation.

Sur-Line Turf specializes in all types of golf course construction and renovation including:  Laser grading tees, renovating greens, constructing USGA greens, renovating and constructing bunkers, shaping features, grading fairways, constructing sandscapes, planting sod and sprigs, and providing grow-in programs and agronomic consultation.

  • On-Site Custom Built Athletic Field Covers
  • On-Site Custom Built Golf Green Covers
  • Sideline Covers
  • Green Graphics Turf Colorant
  • Bunker Liners
  • Bunker Nails
  • Enkamat
  • Fertilizer
  • Sod Staples
  • Seed
  • Quality Sod and Sprigs
  • Sand
  • Mixes
  • Infield Mix
  • Infield Conditioners
  • Warning Track Stone
  • Mound Clay

Sur-Line Turf is licensed, insured, and bonded.  Free estimates.

Chad Lambert, President
Raymond Heath, Vice President
Tommy Pasley, Vice President


Business Services

  • Renovations


  • Herbicides

Course Supplies

  • Greens Repair
  • Paint / Course Paint

Drainage Systems & Supplies

  • Drainage Systems & Supplies


  • Fertilizer


  • Golf Course Construction

Irrigation & Related Equipment

  • Irrigation & Related Equipment

Irrigation / Drainage

  • Installation

Laser Leveling

  • Laser Leveling


  • Pesticides


  • Sand

Soil Conditioners & Amendments

  • Soil Conditioners & Amendments


  • Turf Colorants & Markers
  • Turf Covers
  • Turf Sod

Turf / Landscape Supplies

  • Crushed Stone
  • Gravel
  • Sprigs / Sprigging