Turf Drainage Company of America

Company Description

Turf Drainage Company of America has been designing and manufacturing drainage systems for golf courses since 1985. All of the company’s products are manufactured in America, and have been used at many of the premier courses and tournament sites throughout the U.S. TDA introduced the “waffle drain” concept to the industry with its revolutionary product Turf Drain. The company has five patents in the field of seepage drainage, including its Turf Drain Siphon System, which is the first drainage system where you can install drainage without the need to grade pipe. The company also manufactures the patented Perma Basin, which collects seepage water as well as surface water, and Irrigation Driven Pumps (IDP’s), which allow for the installation of a pump anywhere on your course without the need to run electrical service to the pump site.

 At Turf Drainage Company of America every project starts with a drainage plan. TDA has done drainage plans on hundreds of courses throughout the US. Plans range from a single problem hole to complete master plans. Each course, and each hole, is individually designed to provide the correct collection and transportation system that is required to meet the club’s objectives. 


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