Range Servant America

Company Description
Range Servant is the world leader in manufacturing quality driving range equipment and providing everyday supplies for golf courses and driving ranges. Since our first ball dispenser, we have worked tirelessly to provide a full range of golf equipment that can fit the needs of any golf driving range. We understand that every range is set up a little different from the next, but in the end, all have the same needs: pick the range, wash range balls, and get them back to the customers to hit again. We call this Ball Management and it’s what we do best. Our systems are designed specifically to reduce labor costs and the time it takes to process your ball inventory. Let us work with you to build an efficient, cost-effective, and easy to operate driving range.

Course Supplies

  • Ball / Club Washers
  • Benches
  • Cups
  • Hole Cutters
  • Range Equipment / Accessories
  • Trash Containers


  • Golf Balls / Golf Equipment
  • Golf Course Accessories