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Brouwer and Kesmac Turf Equipment has long been associated with valuable tools for Turf Maintenance and Sod Production. Golf Courses around the World have used our Reel Mowers, Vertical Mowers, Turf Vacuums and Aeration Equipment to maintain their Turf at its best. Our practical approach to machine performance has produced the Kesmac Reel Mower that can mow elite fairways at 1/2 hoc, is operated efficiently by lightweight and fuel-efficient tractors, with low maintenance costs. Our Vertical Mower works an 11’ 6” swath while effectively following the contours of the ground. Our latest Brouwer Turf Vac is equipped with a Power Brush that gently removes clippings and debris from the ground that other vacs leave behind.

In this fast-evolving world, Brouwer Kesmac is a leader in developing Turf Harvesting Techniques that put the best quality piece of Turf on a pallet automatically. This technology continues to change with product development and testing at Brouwer Sod Farms and other Farms throughout the World, to address the wide variety of conditions. We continue to update our conventional harvesters with the same conviction that goes into our new products.

The Brouwer Aerator is one of the latest products to enter the market. A Tine Aerator that has a unique design that enters and exits the turf with minimum damage. The Brouwer Aerator is a great tool for Golf, Sport Fields, and Turf Production, one of the many products that our Brouwer Kesmac Dealers can offer to the Turf Industry.



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