Salsco, Inc.

Company Description

Since 1979 SALSCO, INC. has built its record on quality and service. We provide products that last to the municipal, golf course, commercial lawn care, tree care, and construction industries. The entire team at Salsco takes pride in producing equipment that allows our customers to meet their goals more efficiently and with less down time.  Solid, durable construction, quality components and the standard features that should be standard, coupled with quality service and support is the hallmark of SALSCO equipment.


Brush Chippers / Shredders / Composting Equipment

  • Brush Chippers / Shredders / Composting Equipment

Cart Path Maintenance

  • Installation


  • Leaf Blowers & Debris Loaders

Sweepers & Vacuums

  • Sweepers & Vacuums

Tree Care Equipment & Services

  • Tree Care Equipment & Services


  • Core Recovery Vehicles
  • Turf Rollers